Intricate Adornment by Mozaico Abstract Mosaics

Intricate Adornment by Mozaico Abstract Mosaics

Founded in Beirut and currently headquartered in Naperville, IL, Mozaico Living Mosaics brings artisanal craft and a contemporary aesthetic to the classic art form of mosaics.

Mozaico abstract design based on a Joan Miró painting

With over 45 international mosaic artists creating bespoke mosaics for 7,000+ customers, Mozaico is a world leader in mosaic art, hand-assembling these beautiful designs in the classic Roman style.

mosaic backsplash with an abstract floral theme

Mozaico's designs run the gamut—from traditional religious patterns to landscapes to insects and animals—but we're especially taken with the abstract designs.

Mozaico Kandinsky art with circles and other abstract shapes

Included among their oeuvre are modern takes on masters like Kandinsky (above) and Joan Miró (below).

Miró mosaic at the entrance to an unusual adobe builiding/home

The abstract mosaics also make compelling pool floors. Available designs include Ocean patterns and marine life scenes.

Mozaico ocean pattern

mosaic aquatic scene with coral and a variety of colorful fish

Find out more at Mozaico.

Posted January 4, 2023 by Joseph Starr

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