At Maison & Objet: Marca Corona Mirabilia

At Maison & Objet: Marca Corona Mirabilia

Wallpaper in the bathroom? Sounds like a recipe for moisture problems and mold…

Mirabilia in bathroom dense floral in white with gray/green background

But these beautiful floral designs are in fact not wallpaper at all but rather porcelain stoneware tiles, one among several examples of Marca Corona’s Mirabilia, “a rich and versatile white-body collection that explores the botanical world in all its facets.”

stoneware tiles in bathroom in bright floral design

The prospect of having intricate florals in the bathroom doubtless appeals to many an interior designer, and it seems especially appropriate at Maison & Objet in Paris, where flowers are an aesthetic paradigm.

stoneware tiles above tub with same floral pattern of white/minty green

Mirabilia uses a palette of white body tiles, enabling technological innovations like grit applications and the ability to capture precise details, which in turn result in the abstract decorations and nature-inspired designs of Mirabilia.

Mirabilia porcelain tiles dense floral pattern in white with peach highlights and silver gilding

The rectified 50 x 120 cm tile size confers several advantages: ease of installation (including options for vertical or horizontal orientation); resistance to mold, moisture, and temperature changes; and pronounced cleanability.

porcelain bath tiles with a jungle leaves pattern

Styles include Floral Bay, Floral Clouds, Coral Jungle, Wild Foliage, and Clorofilla—approximating everything from an untamed South American jungle-scape to a classic English garden in full bloom.

English garden porcelain tiles on shower wall

Visit Marca Corona to find out more. And see Milestone Tile’s Plaster 2.0 to explore further innovations in porcelain tile.

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