Demi Pendants by Vanessa Deleon

Demi Pendants by Vanessa Deleon

Designer Vanessa Deleon is known for her fusion of influences. Of Cuban heritage, Deleon brings a flair for the exotic to bear on a streamlined, contemporary style.

Demi pendant light in smoke with white marble base

Just so, the Demi collection for Kalco Lighting synthesizes decorative elements within an impressively compact form.

lighting by Vanessa Deleon magenta diffuser with white conical base

Contained within these diminutive gems of illumination, one finds expressionistic shapes conjoined with the purity of a circle, and entrancing pops of color capped by a halo of amber light.

Demi pendant in jade/grey

The pendants feature dimmable LED technology. Deleon’s imaginative color palette incorporates green, black and white Marble; green, smoke, magenta, and peach iridescent tinted glass; and pink, jade, and Winter brass.

Demi pendant smoke

Demi is the latest addition to Kalco Lighting’s Illumine line, a collection of pendants, sconces and chandeliers rooted in Deleon’s cultural composition: “award winning work that combines modern, stylized designs with classic décor.”

A small pendant lamp with a smoky green shade and pillar shaped golden filament

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