Doodlephilia Hits the English Countryside

Doodlephilia Hits the English Countryside

Sam Cox, the artist known as Mr. Doodle, recently completed one of his dream projects—the Doodle House. Located in Tenterden, in Kent, the twelve-room mansion is covered in the artist’s signature style—inside and out.

Mr. Doodle Took 3 Years to Complete Doodle House

Mr. Doodle paid £1.35 million ($1.53 million) for the home, then renovated it so every surface could be painted. He started doodling upstairs, then worked his way down the stairs and throughout the house—a project that took three years. You can see a time-lapse video of the Doodle House on Mr. Doodle’s YouTube channel.

The rooms in Doodle House all have themes. A Memories Room is a tribute to Mr. Doodle’s childhood. The foyer features animals: two of each, a futuristic phantasmagoria that pays tribute to Noah’s Ark. Here and there, Mr. Doodle has doodled doodly versions of iconic paintings, including American Gothic and Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Doodle House dining room

Doodle Up the Entire World!

But he’s not stopping there. “The plan is to doodle up the entire world,” he says. At the very least, Mr. Doodle would like to doodle a town, which must make his neighbors quite nervous. And he might be able to doodle a lot if given the chance. Mr. Doodle completed a 50-hour marathon of doodling!

Doodle bathroom

Mr. Doodle calls his doodling a virus, although he claims it’s a “happy obsession.” Doodlephilia isn’t for everyone: Many comments on Mr. Doodle’s Instagram account revolve around the house making people nauseous or nervous. If Mr. Doodle gets much farther with his plan to take over the world, we may need to find an antidote!

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