The Motion of Metal

The Motion of Metal

Architectural metal fabricator Móz Designs embraces the melodies of movement with the new Metals in Motion collection.

Móz Metals in Motion sample panel in white in nice living room

Metals in Motion is comprised of 10 distinctive designs that reflect the hypnotic allure of the dynamic patterns that emerge from both natural and built environments.

metal architectural panels in open conference room space

Specific inspirations for the different patterns include the miracles of flight and simultaneous electronic transmission, as well as standbys like shifting sand dunes, swirling winds, and the multitudinous forms found in jungles and forests.

Móz Metals in Motion panel with forest scene as cladding on building elevated passage way

The ten patterns include Jungle, Mosaic, Cyber, Harvest, Twinkle, Wind, Flight, Grove, Dune, and Cascade. Móz Designs offers the latter four in bookend variations—designers may mix and match these different but coordinating patterns for a "standard, easy-to-specify product that still displays a unique, custom-like appearance, embracing the individuality achievable when movement is the muse. "

freestanding panels in black metal in restaurant

Metals in Motion several panles in white with small perforated circles in airport passageway

All of Móz Designs' panels are fabricated using 100% recycled aluminum. They are available in 27 diferent colorways. For additional information, see Móz, and check out more laser-cut architectural panels at 3rings.

Posted October 12, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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