New Camira Fabrics at Orgatec

New Camira Fabrics at Orgatec

What better venue than Orgatec, known for showcasing future-minded products, for a first-look at Camira's line-up of sustainable textiles.

Camira's stand, entitled "Shaping the Future," will showcase the company's latest, "Main Line Twist." A 75% virgin wool, 25% flax blend, Main Line Twist is made using an innovative twisting technique, resulting in an aesthetic that's simultaneously classic and contemporary.

Twist pairs nicely with its natural partner Main Line Flax, a versatile textile (also 75/25 wool/flax) that's been updated with 24 new colorways.

Furthering the eco-aware theme and rounding out the Camira exhibit, award-winning SEAQUAL fabrics "Oceanic" and "Quest" will appear as well. "Waste made wonderful," these fabrics are made from up-cycled marine plastic waste, offered in 27 colorways reflective of the ocean's many shades.

Read more about the company's efforts to achieved carbon neutrality at Camira. And visit "Shaping the Future" in person on 10/25 and 10/26 in Cologne at Orgatec.

Posted October 24, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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