The Art of Controlling Chaos

The Art of Controlling Chaos

Concrete is durable and strong, and some may even say simple, but in the capable hands of Johnstone Architectural Concrete it becomes a palette for unlimited potential.

Johnstone architectural concrete pouring by hand
Johnstone architectural concrete pouring into sink mold
Johnstone architectural concrete finishing process

Johnstone’s tools of the trade aren’t the sandy 60 lb. bag, nor the lurching truck with the huge spinning cylinder, but rather the compressed air gun and the portable vertical mixer, the expertly manipulated bucket and the dexterous human hand.

samples of finished cylinders in different colors
outdoor furniture of concrete

Johnstone doesn’t use your typical industrial concrete full of golf ball-sized rocks, but rather a refined mixture of fibers and polymers, subtle additives that promote different behaviors: “it can flow like water or be thick and dense like argyle to vertically stick to our molds… we can spray it or compact it by hand… This feature specific to Johnstone helps facilitate weight management in strategic areas of our products.”

bakery with custom Johnstone display case fronts in sky blue

As seen above, countertops are a popular item, but Johnstone also makes furniture, statues, sinks, fireplace surrounds, shower walls, and wall panels.

close up custom concrete sink
Johnstone concrete fireplace surround
bathroom with wall panels made of poured concrete

Finishes include standard, antique, and terrazzo. They also offer a virtually unlimited palette of tints, in addition to custom aggregates like rocks, sand, shells, glass, brass, copper, and steel.

detail of terrazzo tabletop

Join Johnstone Architectural Concrete, and Luminaire Authentik,  STÛV, WetStyle, Wynil, and Appareil Atelier later this month at La Maison Éphémère. The event, sponsored by Switzer Cult Creative, Luminaire Authentik, and the Quebec Trade Office, showcases Quebec Design. It takes place in Vancouver’s Armoury District, 1636 West 2nd Avenue, Unit #102, on September 22 and 23. And check back here during the next week for additional coverage of the other exhibitors.

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