Souda Challenges the Notion of a Table

Souda Challenges the Notion of a Table

Designed by Isaac Freidman-Heiman for Souda, Kreten offers an alternative to the typical table.

Table next to green chair

The first thing you’ll notice about it is how very un-table like it is. Gone are familiar distinctions like “legs” and “surface,” replaced by an intriguing, variable, and abstract form.

Kreten table in white with a plant on top and several plants around

Kreten is essentially a creature of negative space. Formed by curing concrete in a spandex mold, Kreten captures all the spontaneity and surprise of its production method: “Air bubbles, color variation, and visible aggregate are all part of its beauty.”

Small table with large hole in the middle next to comfy pink chair on white rug.
two Kreten tables near wooden study carrel

Each table is unique, but Kreten comes in a short and tall version. Colors include white, gray, and black.

Several tables made of concrete on colorful rug

See Souda to find out more. And go to 3rings for further explorations of unusual and innovative tables.

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