Impulso is an Innovation in Parquet Floors

Impulso is an Innovation in Parquet Floors

Interiors firm Pininfarino and Corà Parquet have collaborated on a follow-up to their stunning Miraggio Floor.

Parquet floor with wood and inlaid black/white ceramic tiles

Miraggio (pictured above) featured shots of black and white ceramic tile inlaid with sustainably sourced European Oak. The new collection, “Impulso,” employs the same materials to achieve a different yet equally compelling effect.

Parquet floor by Cora with different sized quadrilateral shapes

The collection is comprised of three patterns. Ombreggiato features whites and natural neutrals. The inlaid tile showcases quadrilateral forms in descending dimensions to create a dynamic effect of movement and receding perspective.

Cora parquet floor warm wood tones with white inlaid ceramic in open room with interesting wooden staircase

With a color palette of golden wood tones, like “almonds in milk,” Mandorlato evokes energy and optimism, for a versatile style that infuses spaces with energy and warmth.

color palette for collection with images of almonds in milk

And Sottobosco offers a stunning interplay of dark wood and green onyx, a combination that evokes the growth of moss on weathered trees.

forest scene with sottobosco dark wood inlaid with green onyx tiles

Read more at Pininfarina and Corà Parquet Floors.

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