Tonic for Work or Home: Darran’s Gin Chair

Tonic for Work or Home: Darran’s Gin Chair

Kick back and take a sip of Darran’s Gin, a refined lounge chair reminiscent of the classic Adirondack.

Gin chair two orange chairs in front of window with trees outside

Gin has all of the Adirondack’s relaxed vibe with none of its rustic reputation.

Gin Chair gray upholstery

Sculpted legs, angular paddle arms, and a picture frame back support give it a contemporary look and feel.

Back of chair showing white ash frame

Gin features a selection of finishes to match Darran desks and workstations. The seat cushions are high-resilience foam.

Two chairs with gray upholstery

There’s also an option for a slatted back that creates a peekaboo fabric effect.

two Gin Chairs blue and gray with slatted back feature on one

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