NEXT Collection by Galassia

NEXT Collection by Galassia

Italian manufacturer Galassia invites you to ask, what’s NEXT?

narrow black washbasin with natural wood countertop

The answer, as it turns out, is NEXT Narrow, an inspired washbasin collection made of an iconic material using artisanal techniques.

NEXT white washbasin on countertop in marble covered bathroom

A “mix of modelling skills, technologies, and manual dexterity,” NEXT is both a technical and formal innovation, with its stunning long and narrow profile molded from natural ceramic using a high-temperature single-firing process.

NEXT white with small storage unit

The collection is available in white, black, grey, and sand. Options include a nested accessory drawer. The subtle inner edge supports additional trays.

NEXT dual sinks in white with amber accessory tray

NEXT may be wall-mounted or installed on the countertop.

NEXT dual sinks white front view

Get further details at Galassia.

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