Landscape Forms’ Backdrop to Life

Landscape Forms’ Backdrop to Life

We've heard so much about delineating and defining indoor space but what about outdoor space?

Outdoor nook with table, shelves, and bike rack

Backdrop, by Landscape Forms and KEM Studio, proposes a whole new way to create a palette for outdoor living and working.

Backdrop panels, chairs, writeboard, and planter

This is a modular panel-based system to help define the places that people want to be. In mind of an enhanced appreciation of spending time outdoors, Backdrop proposes new ways to work in the relative wilds of a streetscape or residential community, college campus or even a patio outside an office.

Backdrop with various tables, chairs, and worksurfaces

The system is comprised of low and high panels made of metal (with both vertically and horizontally oriented slats) and glass, each offering different levels of openness and enclosure.

Metal panel with curved element, woman in chair, man walking behind panels

With Backdrop's assortment of posts and connectors (two-, three-, and four-way with straight or angled orientations), the panels may be separated and joined, re-imagined and re-configured for both linear and curved arrangements.

Backdrop three-way connector detail

Compatible furnishings and accessories round out the collection. Backdrop offers a range of peninsula or in-line tables in standing- or dining-height; wood or metal bar tops; configurable bike racks, coat racks, and shelving units; even integrated power and writeboards.

Woman at table with bike rack

detail of computer with hands on keyboard atop wooden table and integrated power

Backdrop panel with writeboard and man writing with two women in the background

Landscape Forms points out that Backdrop not only intends to help users create functional and comfortable spaces, but also establish an ambiance that will enhance collegiality, improve productivity, and cultivate wellness: "the right physical characteristics to create environments that become a backdrop for life and living."

Woman placing items into shelf/cubby

Check out Landscape Forms for a comprehensive list of components, colors, and options. And go to Designer Pages Media to discover more innovative ways to arrange space.

Posted August 30, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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