Go Big. Go Extra Bold.

Go Big. Go Extra Bold.

Wild, whimsical, colorful, smart, and surprisingly comfortable, Extra Bold is is BIG-GAME Studio’s big concept chair, harking back to the innovations of none other than Marcel Breuer.

Tubular chair navy with yellow background

Known for the tubular furniture he created under the aegis of the Bauhaus, Breuer bridged the gap between his steel tubes with wicker, leather, and upholstery, making for an iconic spare and streamlined design. BIG-GAME expands on the notion by wrapping the tubes in plush upholstery, a simplification that results in a unique aesthetic and novel experience.

Extra Bold chair with man sitting
Extra Bold chair in navy with cat
Navy tubular chair close up

The creators behind Switzerland-based BIG-GAME—Grégoire Jeanmonod, Elric Petit and Augustin Scott de Martinville—say of Extra Bold: “We wanted to build a chair from nothing but tubes, but that wouldn’t have been very comfortable, which is why we decided to cover the tubes with foam. We then worked with a sock manufacturer to come up with a covering.”

Extra Bold orange

BIG-GAME says they chose the sock maker because of the manufacturer’s skill in knitting extra long tubes. This not only sounds like a great gig for someone accustomed to making the humble if under-rated sock, it also makes perfect sense.

Extra Bold red

Extra Bold is joined by its predecessor Bold line, featuring a chair and bench.

Bold chair smaller version of Extra Bold in taupe
Bold line bench and chair in red

Both lines are available in eight vibrant colors. Find out more at BIG-GAME and Moustache.

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