Clever Felt Furniture from Stacklab

Clever Felt Furniture from Stacklab

Everybody loves felt.

Stacklab multi-colored bench and chair in grey

The material is lightweight and cost-effective, not to mention colorful and plentiful. And of course it does wonders with dampening sound.

Stacklab ottoman, stool, and  armchair

Given the above, Stacklab's Felt Furniture collection is definitely a win-win. Collaborating with premium Merino wool manufacturers in Toronto and Upstate New York, Stacklab sources off-cut and end-of-bolt felted wool and uses computer-aided production techniques to process and efficiently fashion furniture from this garbage-bin-bound felt.

Stacklab two chairs one in blue and one in white/blue

The resultant collection of chairs, benches, stools, and side tables is not only a tactile extravaganza, it's also aesthetically exuberant and undeniably smart. Stacklab says that "the last thing the world needs is another chair, but it does need innovation... sometimes a chair is a good conduit for a more important conversation."

Stacklab collection chair, armchair, table, and stools

In this case, the conversation is about discovering new conduits to sustainability, new ways to use familiar materials, and—given Stacklab's version 2.0 fully digital design configurator—new methods to give end users more agency in the design process. Now that's a conversation we can get behind.

Stacklab armchair with extra felt strips

Find out more at Stacklab.

Posted June 30, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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