At NeoCon 2022: It’s Helm by Halcon

At NeoCon 2022: It’s Helm by Halcon

“Helm by Halcon.” Rolls off the tongue rather nicely, don’t you think?

Helm desk white

I imagine Halcon President Ben Conway would agree, as he was all smiles while accepting the Best Of NeoCon 2022 trophy in Chicago this morning.

Helm desk white other angle

For Conway, Helm represents a fusion of the functional with the beautiful: “We set out to fill the need for a functional executive table desk that packed in all the technology,” he said. “so we were thinking about the beautiful form it should take.”

Helm desk by Halcom in black with white streaks

The synergy Conway alludes to is a veritable sculpture of a desk, with a signature surfboard shape that’s as thin as a wave’s edge.

Desk in front of storage wall

Designer Markus Jehs of Jehs + Laub concurs. When he took the podium, he also emphasized the sculptural aspect: “Most height-adjustable tables are very heavy. Helm was all about being light and transparent. It’s little sculpture.”

glimpse of desk behind wall rectangular top

As seen above, Helm has a modular aspect too. The metal base supports a full range of worktops and surface materials: standard wood, premium wood, metal backpainted glass, and the unique FENIX NTM, an acrylic-based resin that uses nanotechnology for an anti-fingerprint surface with low light reflectivity.

Helm Desk long table

And Helm not only offers an elegant sit-stand mechanism, it also incorporates power and data without compromising on the look.

detail of power
wireless charging detail
drawer detail

This includes wireless charging and a razor-thin valet drawer: “Perfectly proportioned, appointed with luxurious materials, sleekly integrated with technology, and unexpectedly equipped with an adjustable-height surface, Helm is the ultimate executive desking solution.”

Helm long table behind glass wall

Visit Halcon and Helm at NeoCon 2002 on the 10th. floor, Suite 121

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