At NeoCon 2022: Avalon Lounge by KFI Studios

At NeoCon 2022: Avalon Lounge by KFI Studios

Designed by Union Design for KFI Studios, the modern, sculpted Avalon should be credited with a new coinage: the "work lounge."

Avalon Lounge in light blue three lounges

Positioning the user's body at the very nexus between active engagement and relaxation, Avalon offers a best-of-both worlds scenario: "When paired with a pull up table you have the perfect environment to focus on laptop work or quietly brainstorm."

row of lounges in front of large windows in city skyscraper

To those who sense an inherent contradiction here, I'd invoke the "best idea in the shower" maxim, which stipulates that down-regulating of executive functions often results in up-regulating of creativity and insight. The upshot? the Avalon Lounge may perfectly position itself (and you) to cultivate inspired ideas.

Avalon Lounge multi-color

Avalon is not only comfy and practical, it's also formally inventive. The piece is comprised of simple forms that are easy to assemble and easy to transport: the seat, back, and frame nest together nicely for flat-pack shipping.

Avalon Lounge in gray rendering in office

Avalon is offered in standard upholstery or a unique 3D knit in a variety of colors. The frame is jet black steel.

Avalon Lounge red in office

Avalon generated considerable buzz at NeoCon 2022—good press in advance of its official debut this fall. To find out how to specify yours, see KFI Studios.

Posted June 17, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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