Upon Chair by Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C

Upon Chair by Sylvain Willenz for Zilio A&C

Once upon a time, there was a perfectly symmetrical chair…

From Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz, “Upon” aims high. With an artfully curved back (in Ash or plywood), a slim metal frame, and a clever detail that makes the backrest appear to levitate, Upon is an archetypal object.

Upon chiar in rust side view/detail

There are pragmatic advantages to the streamlined back and hidden attachment: the design keeps frame and back aligned on a single plane, enabling Upon to stack up high and neat.

Upon Chair natural, oak, and dark stacked

The base chair is just the beginning. The Upon family also includes a bar stool. An armchair version is coming soon.

Upon Stool green upholstered seat and plywood back on metal frame.

Find out more at Zilio A&C.

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