Vallonné Pendants by Barovier&Toso Showcase Glass-Blowing Innovation

Vallonné Pendants by Barovier&Toso Showcase Glass-Blowing Innovation

The tradition of mouth-blown Murano glass goes back hundreds of years, so it’s a rare event to encounter a truly innovative technique.

Vallonné, from none other than Murano-native Luca Nichetto, is a new showpiece for the venerated tradition of mouth-blown Venetian glass.

The typical procedure for creating the intricate angles, geometric oscillations, and curvaceous sculpted shapes you see above involves blowing the glass into a pre-formed shaped determined by an encompassing metal cage, which remains on the piece beyond production in order to maintain its form.

Vallonné, to the contrary, uses a “jacketing” technique, in which the surrounding metal structure is removed once the glass cools, thus achieving its pure unadorned and un-caged form.

Other descriptors apropos of Vallonné’s twisty, turny, bulbous yet elegantly symmetrical profile include “swelling, vaporous volumes”; “a precise pattern of lines and incisions”; and “clusters of exceptional theatrical impact.”

The transparent crystal is available in four colors: crystal, indigo, periwinkle, and sand. Metal finishes include black chrome and honey bronze. The collection also includes Vallonné Opale, a milky, translucent iteration.

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