Stack It Up

Stack It Up

The deck is definitely stacked in favor of VS America's Stakki.

Stakki lime green several chairs in library

A slick little chair with a weighty portfolio of benefits, Stakki, designed by Martin Ballendat, may just be the best thing to happen to educational environments since the alphabet.

Stakki green and grey in student study area

The chair is inspired in its simplicity. Made of injection-molded plastic, Stakki is a "single part
with no mixture of materials." This means rapid manufacture, streamlined production, and easy recycling: "In fact, our production surpluses go right back around into new chairs."

Stakki yellow and blue in cafeteria

And of course, Stakki stacks. It weighs a meager nine pounds and stacks 10 high, in a stable and perfectly vertical configuration courtesy of its innate nesting. The chair's concave legs and stepped glides help see to that.

Stakki beign stacked blue chairs with one red and boy looking on

But Stakki isn't just convenient and sustainable—it's also exceptionally versatile. The three-legged construction offers users considerable maneuverability, under and around tables, within nooks, up close and personal with desks of all sizes, laptop tables, and even music stands.

Stakki lime green view from behind with boy playing tuba

And Stakki supports a variety of sitting styles, including front-facing, side-straddle, and backwards—each helping to achieve the aim of "the best position is the next position."

Stakki in red with person sitting in reverse style

As implied by the images herein, Stakki serves a student demographic, but that doesn't belie its versatility: the chair works equally well in workspaces, hospitality, and public-seating environments. It's also great for outdoor use.

Stakki lime green and dark gray in sun room with open doors leading to patio

See VS America to find out more.

Posted April 19, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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