Peg Norriss-Liz Nielsen Wallcovering Collection by Schumacher

Peg Norriss-Liz Nielsen Wallcovering Collection by Schumacher

For all the plant lovers out there, the new Peg Norriss-Liz Nielsen Collection of wallcoverings for Schumacher really celebrates everything that grows. Characterized by greens and bold colors, this series brings the element of nature indoors.

reaching out wallcovering

Reaching Out in Multi captures a potted plant reaching for the sun. Green and blue leaves grow inside happy orange pots, a perfect pattern for kitchens.

botanicals wallcovering

Botanicals in Greenhouse presents expressionistic depictions of plant species, their names written in sensuous cursive. It’s a wonderful option for sunrooms and other places at home with lots of jungle greenery.

agave wallcovering

Agave in Grapefruit gives a dash of unexpected peachy color to the spiky desert plant. Traditionalists might prefer the wallcovering in Lanai (green), while minimalists might enjoy Parchment (black and white).

topiary wallcovering

For lovers of formal gardens, Topiary in Marigold or Bluebell brings a pop of form and color with round dots perched on top of slanted trunks.

Liz Nielsen is an American experimental photographer. The Peg Norriss gallery has collaborated with Schumacher previously, but this is the first collection of wallcoverings that uses Nielsen’s artwork.

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