OctoTerra Linea Fluted-Wood Panels

OctoTerra Linea Fluted-Wood Panels

Decorative wood takes a new turn with OctoTerra Linea, a new line of fluted-wood panels from Octopus Products.

OctoTerra Linea curved wall detail

On second thought, perhaps “turn” isn’t the best way to characterize these 6″ x 120″ tongue-and-groove panels, since their calling card is a stunning yet straightforward linear profile.

OctoTerra Linea samples of different profiles in both finishes

Available in both rift walnut and rift white oak, OctoTerra Linea comes in four different profiles, offering designers broad creative license in both application and execution, as seen in this stunning bedroom display.

OctoTerra Linea bedroom display with square and diamond patterns in rift walnut

Uses are limited only by the users’ imagination. Possibilities include wall panels, freestanding displays, cabinet doors, ceilings, and furniture facing.

OctoTerra Linea rift oak on wardrobe

The tongue-and-groove joining system makes installation easy. Panels may be fixed with fasteners or glued. The wood veneer may be stained or finished with a clear lacquer for a natural look.

OctoTerra Linea rift oak detail

Find out more at Octopus Products.

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