Baxter and Suri by Architex

Baxter and Suri by Architex

Contract textile manufacturer Architex is that much closer to duplicating the look and feel of woolen textiles with Baxter and Suri, houndstooth and alpaca patterns respectively that offer a classic texture in a high-performance fabric.

Baxter and Suri Baxter in light beige/white with swatches of other colors and yarn samples and spools

Architex characterizes these patterns as haveing “non-woven performance.” I believe the layman’s translation for this is “won’t come apart at the seams.”

Baxter and Suri Suri in off white and dark gray with Baxter swatches and yarn samples and spools

Another way to say it is that natural wool has its place, but Baxter and Suri capture many of wool’s desirable qualities without the complications.

Baxter and Suri Suri samples from color line

Suri Color Line

Baxter and Suri are non-woven, vinyl-based upholstery fabrics with a polyester/viscose backing. They are stain-resistant and CFAA Healthcare compliant. They’re also easy to clean.

Baxter and Suri Baxter swatches several colors

But, most importantly, they look great and feel nice to the touch, evoking the classic qualties of their wool-based forefathers.

Baxter and Suri Suri in dark gray with other color swatches and bowl of yarn

Find out more at Architex. And see Designer Pages Media for more high-performance textiles.

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