Banish the Dark with the CoeLux High Tech 25 Mini

Banish the Dark with the CoeLux High Tech 25 Mini

Last month we looked at what Lightglass can do to brighten up your day. Today, we’re profiling another product that promises to bring natural light to dark spaces: the CoeLux High Tech 25 Mini.

Skylight in hallway

A compact unit that’s easy to install, HT 25 address the emotional and physiological effects caused by being deprived of natural light.

HT 25 surface mount in pool/spa

The unit works be simulating the look of the sky and the wavelengths of the sun, “using advanced lighting technology to recreate the colors of the natural world.”

CoeLux natural light module in sitting room

The modules are scaled for small and medium-sized environments. Use a single unit for excellent light distribution in a small space or multiple appropriately positioned systems to achieve an excellent illusion of sun and sky.

CoeLux module detail that looks like blue sky

CT 25 Mini is available in two versions: Classic for bright illumination with a dimming function and Smart Sky for an accurate depiction of changing light during the course of a day.

light module in linear form in hallway

HT 25 Mini may be installed on ceilings or walls, even when those surfaces are diagonal or sloping. It’s also rated for use in wet environments so makes a great option for adding light to bathrooms.

HT 25 surface mount

HT 25 not only facilitates the pleasing aesthetic effects of natural light, it also enhances physical and emotional health, prioritizing wellbeing by improving a sense of comfort and safety, facilitating relaxation, and helping to regulate circadian rhythm.

module in library above books and table

Find out more at CoeLux.

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