Is Your Workspace Fit?

Is Your Workspace Fit?

The meaning of “fitness” really comes down to adaptability—to how easily a system can perform the demands placed upon it in a given context.

Fit single workstation with sit/stand desk

In that regard, it’s easy to see why Allsteel chose the name “Fit” for their recent panel system of workstations, desks, and storage.

Fit panel detail gray wood grain

At its essence, Fit is a frame-less system for partitioning space. It’s comprised of hard-surface laminate panels (available in wood grain and solid color finishes) that seamlessly incorporate power and data infrastructure, “creating integrated work settings that efficiently manage technology and adapt to a variety of work styles.​”

Fit single standing station

Much of the buzz here revolves around Fit’s versatile functionality. The modular panels support sit-stand stations, easily incorporate a variety of accessories and storage, and offer different heights.

Fit low desk with panel on one side

There’s also an option for integrated glass along the top edge, for an elegant look that strikes a nice balance between private and open styles.

Fit stations with glass panels

Other options include power rail finishes in nine standard metals that coordinate with other Allsteel products, and a reception configuration for “an impressive welcome experience.”

Fit reception station

Find out more at Allsteel.

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