The OW58 T-Chair: Back for 2022

The OW58 T-Chair: Back for 2022

In 1958, when Ole Wanscher's exquisitely crafted OW58 T-Chair first graced the welcoming backs of modern design aficionados everywhere, a Danish writer commented, "owning a Wanscher chair is an adventure every day, and will be so even several hundred years from now."

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair back detail

It's been a mere 64 years, so we're about two-thirds of the way to the century mark, but this exciting re-issue from Carl Hansen & Son will put you right back in '58, at the dawn of modern Scandinavian design.

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair in living room solo

Human dimensions have changed a bit in the intervening years, so the contemporary incarnation is built just a bit higher off the ground.

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair four chairs around dining table

Otherwise, it's faithful to Wanscher's design and vision, paying homage to his "deep respect for materials, craftsmanship and function."

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair overhead view

Then, as now, the chair's most striking feature is its slim contoured back with close-set rear legs, giving it a light, luminous appearance from any angle and occasionally fooling the viewer into thinking it only has three legs.

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair front view with tan upholstery

Beyond the back, the exquisite carpentry and Danish knack for subtly contoured wood is visible in every detail: the joints between legs and seat, seat and back, and the subtle yet comfy upholstery that mimics the wood's slight curvature.

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair side view tan upholstery

OW58 is ideal for dining, but it also makes a great multi-purpose chair. Its light weight and accommodating contours make it easy to move around and use in different applications.

Carl Hansen & Son OW 58 T-Chair three different colors

Find out more at Carl Hansen & Son.

Posted February 15, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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