GU Ultra Acoustical Series from Hufcor

GU Ultra Acoustical Series from Hufcor

Hufcor enables seamless acoustical partitions with the GU Ultra Acoustical Series.

glass panel walls in office

These glass panel walls neatly divide space while maintaining visual continuity and enhancing privacy: "The unmatched acoustic qualities make these aluminum and steel-frame glass walls an ideal choice for schools, libraries, offices, or any space looking for flexibility and privacy."

glass panel walls in school library closed

Customizable options help to achieved targeted installations. With heights up to 12 feet and unlimited length runs, the GU Series works for intimate venues as well as cavernous spaces.

glass panel walls high doors in library

The aluminum and steel-framed glass walls feature a welded, heavy-duty 16 gauge steel frame and industry-leading sound control up to 46 STC.

glass panel walls in library

Options include electric-powered panels, pocket doors for panel storage, and a hinged closure panel.

Glass panel walls in pleasant sitting room

The GU series uses environmentally friendly raw materials that contribute toward the Green Building Council's LEED credits program. Find out more at Hufcor.

Posted February 1, 2022 by Joseph Starr

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