Surround Yourself with Natural Stone

Surround Yourself with Natural Stone

Artistic Tile would draw your attention to the flapping flames of a fascinating fire, “a captivating focal point that deserves an exceptional setting.” To wit, a natural stone fireplace surround.

fireplace surround Calacatta Bluette white with streaks of blue and brown

Fireplace surround in Calacatta Bluette

Anyone who’s spent time in front of a fire—whether camp, wood-burning, or gas—understands the hypnotic allure. Artistic Tile recommends a literal framing of this elemental experience with a natural stone surround.

fireplace surround Nero Marquina black with dramatic streaks of white

Nero Marquina in the surround and Ombre on the wall behind: “a remarkable interplay achieved by the mix of slab and mosaic tile”

Artistic Tile points out that the basic formula of a natural stone surround has many incarnations: from traditional, to eclectic, to a streamlined contemporary style.

fireplace surround Grafité Slab black with subtle white zig-zags

Grafité Slab. Subtle shots of white in the marble complement the duo-tone color scheme of the built in storage.

fireplace surround Flatiron molding white with dark random swirls

Flatiron molding provides textural allure in this fireplace surround.

Nor is this palette limited to gradations of blacks and grays. Artistic Tile’s natural stone field tile runs the gamut of styles and shades, from emerald greens to cerulean blues to rich earthy browns.

fireplace surround Cippolino Ondulato  brown swirling patterns like sand or geodes

Cippolino Ondulato evokes geological patterns for a dramatic effect.

See Artistic Tile to explore your options. And go to Designer Pages Media for more ideas for creative fireplace surrounds.

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