Here Catty, Catty

Here Catty, Catty

Catty, by Eoos Design for Division Twelve, is as light as a the touch of a lion tamer.

Division Twelve Catty Chair several chairs as if a lion tamer's set up with red curtains and statue of a lion

The Catty chair pays homage to this old-school vocation with an ultra-slim four-point base, evoking the classic animal trainer’s implement, which, incidentally, was never intended for protection but rather as a distraction. Just so, the whip, as lions are fascinated by the bobbing legs and the twitching rope.

Division Twelve Catty chair in orange

Catty achieves its “Barely There-ness” via an artful bent steel design: a duo of slim tubes that form the legs and back as well as point of contact for the equally wafer-thin seat.

Division 12 Catty chair three heights in blue, red, orange

Befitting the exuberance of the circus, the stackable Catty comes in a rainbow of fluorescent colors, as well as café, bar stool, and counter stool options. And while the inspiration for the Catty chair is a bit of an anachronism, it yet looks toward the future: According to Division Twelve Sustainability Officer Josephine Abate, “All the materials are sourced sustainably and can be taken back up in the supply chain for re-use.”

Division 12 Catty chair stacked in multiple colors and heights

Catty stacks up to eight high, with colors that make your eyes open wide.

Catty’s steel and textiles are fully recyclable and the solid wood seat is FSC-certified. Division 12 also continually expands their palette of available colors, annually adding the Pantone color of the year. We’re certain that Catty will be just fetching in this year’s Very Peri. See Division Twelve and Eoos to find out more.

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