Extinct Animals Collection by Moooi Adds New Fabrics

Extinct Animals Collection by Moooi Adds New Fabrics

Discover fabulous fabrics added to the Extinct Animals Collection by Moooi. New colors and finishes broaden this wondrous bevy of beauties, including mohair inspired by the Blushing Sloth and velvet that pays homage to the Silent Bison. And for the maximalists out there, Moooi’s Menagerie of Extinct Animals Velvet—which depicts extinct fauna along with phastasmagoric flora—got some new colors.

Moooi Extinct Animals fabrics

Silent Bison velvet and Blushing Sloth Woolly Mohair by Moooi

The Extinct Animals Collection of fabrics is a celebration of texture. Armoured Boar Hairy in White is a long faux fur. Dwarf Rhino Buffed offers velvety softness that resembles the animal’s “polished” state during mating season. Blushing Sloth Woolly Mohair is a nubby, cozy affair that’s perfect for cabins and cottages. The two patterned velvets—Rendezvous Tokyo Blue and Menagerie of Extinct Animals—offer rich colors, dreamy landscapes, and subtle sheen.

Extinct Animals fabrics

Menagerie of Extinct Animals Velvet and Armoured Boar Hairy

Founded by the inimitable Marcel Wanders, Dutch brand Moooi often creates designs based on natural phenomena: check out Plant Chandelier, for instance. Concepts and stories underscore everything they do, which makes their work truly one of a kind.

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