QuickStand Eco for a Sit-to-Stand Solution

QuickStand Eco for a Sit-to-Stand Solution

For a quick workstation transformation, rather than jumping to the heavy investment of a sit-to-stand desk, ease into Humanscale’s light and lean QuickStand Eco.

QuickStand Eco front view with monitor

The affordable desk riser provides a quick and ecologically sensitive way to integrate some healthy movement into the workday.

QuickStand Eco side view with monitor on white desk with white task chair

Sturdy and spacious, and offering easy automated function, QuickStand transforms both laptops and desktops into sit-stand stations—with 18.6 inches of work-surface adjustment, it accommodates users of all heights.

QuickStand Eco view of two with one desktop and one laptop on wooden work surface

And in true Humanscale style, QuickStand Eco is made with healthy and sustainable materials, It’s also red-list chemical free.

QuickStand Eco front view with dual monitor on white desk with white chair next to plant

Other features include a self-locking mechanism for stability and automatic return to pre-set heights for habitual users, as well as monitor height micro-adjustments for correct ergonomic fit.

QuickStand Eco with monitor side view with desk with pencil jar

The 2021 version has been re-tooled for sleeker, easier function: “With simple setup, portability, and near effortless adjustability, QuickStand Eco is transforming ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.”

QuickStand Eco front/side view with two units, desk divider, and wooden desk

Find out more at Humanscale.

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