Oco Bench by Inspec

Oco Bench by Inspec

Inspec’s Oco bench is a tough nut, so to speak, as it’s made from stainless steel and kambala wood, “two nearly indestructible and maintenance-free materials.”

Inspec Oco bench no backrest

This versatile outdoor bench is part of Inspec’s Larus Collection—tasteful and functional European site furniture for high-use venues like corporate campuses, educational campuses, and multi-family housing communities.

Inspec Oco bench with backrest

The wood is FSC-certified. And beyond that, Kambala comes from the Iroko tree. An important emblem in the Yoruba religion, the Iroko is associated with longevity and durability through time. I also suspect it’s the origin of Oco’s name. In any case, Kambala is an excellent choice, as it wears well and provides a rich deep tone that’s beautifully set off by the stainless steel base.

Inspec Oco Bench no backrest

Oco comes with a supportive backrest or without. And the Oco family extends to coordinating waste bins and bike racks. See Inspec to find out more.

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