Take-Out Takes Outdoor Work to a Whole New Level

Take-Out Takes Outdoor Work to a Whole New Level

Leave it to Landscape Forms to be forever reinventing furniture for the outdoors.

Take-Out orange and gray with tow women

Take-Out, the latest from Landscape Forms and designer Rodrigo Torres, is a versatile new take on the connected table concept: “With simplified lines and improved versatility, Take-Out is light enough to be picked up, arranged, and rearranged.”

Take-Out two orange one gray triples

Nylon glides enable this easy relocation, and a variety of sizes and profiles facilitate different arrangements for face-to-face, side-by-side, or communal interaction.

Take-Out gray double, blue single, orange triple

There are five different silhouettes: single, double, triple, and left- or right-triple, the latter two equipped with a clever overhang for standing work/hanging out or just as an expansive surface on which to place your stuff—whether that’s devices, documents, or beer and chips.

Take-Out left-triple

The Triple-Left and Triple-Right silhouettes also offer excellent wheelchair accessibility.

Take-out white triple with wheelchair

Take-Out’s one-sided design makes it extremely flexible. Pushed together they offer a communal surface with the look of the classic picnic table. In a solo function it makes great use of spaces abutting walls or other hard edges.

Take-Out blue three singles

Take-Out also offers great ergonomics and accessibility. The gently rounded edges take the pressure off elbows and the backs of knees, while also creating spacious entry and exit points. Users can slide in from either side or from behind.

Take-Out one gray, two orange with people seated

Like all of Landscape Forms outdoor seating and tables, Take-Out is engineered for the elements, with a powdercoat surface available in 20+ vibrant colors.

Take out orange triple-right and blue single

See Landscape Forms to find out more.

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