At NeoCon 2021: New LVT Products from AVA Flooring

At NeoCon 2021: New LVT Products from AVA Flooring

For more than 25 years, Novalis has been quietly innovating the commercial flooring market. The company's AVA brand offers durable, high-quality LVT with appealing aesthetics and impressive sustainability credentials.

AVA 2DSGN LVT in gray in workspace

NeoCon 2021 presented the opportunity to showcase a handful of new products. "Blending the performance and durability of hard surface with the soft and warm visuals of carpet tile," STRM offers a seamless appearance that wears hard but looks soft. Available in both Loose Lay (5mm) and Glue Down (2.5mm), STRM is a versatile option that weathers heavy traffic without sacrificing aesthetics.

AVA STRM LVT brown and blue linear pattern in school hallway

2SPRK is vivid and vivacious, offering the look of luxe terrazzo in the more accessible price point of LVT. With 38 colorways, 2SPRK is a great choice for retail, hospitality, corporate, and especially education environments—the ambiance of any venue is improved from these bright colors and engaging design, as users are sure to experience a proximal brightening of mood.

AVA SPRK LVT colorful squares and grays/whites in school cafeteria

And AVA FAVE is a clic-plank product with a high density core and attached acoustical backing, for all-around waterproof, rigid-core performance with excellent sound control.

AVA FAVE neutral tones with a wood look in family room

Novalis is dedicated to sustainable processes. The company's manufacturing plant was designed to enable re-use of water and scrap material, and their High Density Core has been awarded Eurofins' Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, "becoming one of the first four products to achieve the ASSURE Certified multi-attribute standard for rigid core flooring."

AVA MRG Organics LVT in dark and light brown in woman's clothing store

Find out more at AVA.

Posted October 11, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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