At NeoCon 2021: Customized Coffee in the Cloud and Everywhere

At NeoCon 2021: Customized Coffee in the Cloud and Everywhere

Ready for a change from the tired, unsightly, and unsanitary drip coffee maker that dominates the break room countertops of offices on every continent?

Top Brewer dark with espresso and iPad

Danish brand Scanomat has been anticipating a workspace coffee upheaval for years (decades, in fact, as the brand has been in the commercial coffee business since the 1960s). And they’ve perhaps reached the apotheosis of that time in the field with TopBrewer, Best of NeoCon winner for Technology, Integrated Solutions.

TopBrewer live at NeoCon with Best of trophy

One look at TopBrewer and you know you’re on to something special. This is an extraordinarily clean design that takes no more countertop space than a handwashing station (in fact, less), as the wonderworks occur down below. Out of sight but not necessarily out of mind.

TopBrewer undercabinet view showing machine, bean hopper, and milk chiller

Yes, the machine, grinder(s), and chiller(s) fit neatly below, the lot of them set on retractable sliders that make refills and maintenance a fairly seamless proposition.

TopBrewer with rep discussing it and IPads with app

But that’s not even the best part, for this is coffee automation to the nth degree. TopBrewer’s Coffee Cloud app controls nearly every aspect of the process: from diagnostic reports to ensure seamless function, to automated cleaning, to advanced notice of possible issues, to alerts when beans and milk are running low, the app is like AI for the perfect cup.

TopBrewer detail of coffee selection process on iPad

And, oh my does Coffee Cloud let you customize your morning brew. Users choose from favorites like Espresso, Americano, Cappucino, Latte, Flat White, and more, and then refine their handiwork with a slider function that pinpoints the exact quantity (to the milliliter) of coffee, or water, or milk, or even your favorite plant milk!

Top Brewer detail of Americano

And once you have the formula down, you can name your drink and teach Siri how to ask for it, making for a touch-less and nearly instantaneous delivery of your preferred morning beverage. And Coffee Cloud makes this happen anywhere you are, with any mahcine. All you’ve got to do is say (in my case, for instance), “Siri make me a Joemicano.”

TopBrewer espresso shot

I won’t divulge the recpie for my self-named coffee drink, but you get the idea.

TopBrewer live at NeoCon serving coffee

Scanomat also happens to be a software company, so you might imagine how much they’ve refined this quite complicated process to make it user-friendly. Given that the entire apparatus is under the counter—and that we’re dealing with gallons of super-heated water in motion and under pressure—there’s a lot that could possibly go wrong. Stever Herzic, US Country Manager, emphasizes the amount of research, in-the-field experience, and re-invention that have gone into TopBrewer: “The entire process is monitored and controlled via a cloud-based system… we’ve been evolving for about 10 years to get to this point of an unmatched user experience.”

TopBrewer woman using phone to create coffee drink

As you might imagine, TopBrewer offers lots of options. TopBrewer Pro features dual bean hoppers and dual milk chillers while TopBrewer Compact is for smaller spaces. Users may source their own beans or select Scanomat’s in-house coffee, roasted daily by one of the best in the business. And hoppers may be integrated beneath the counter or displayed above for a real-time view of supplies.

TopBrewer live view with hopper in foreground and woman with phone

It’s the final day here at NeoCon but there’s still plenty of time to see TopBrewer in action and get yourself a great cup of coffee. Go to 7-3049 and see how to put Starbucks to shame.

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