Clever Attach Table System by Inspec

Clever Attach Table System by Inspec

One could develop quite an attachment to this innovative table by Troels Grum-Schwensen for Inspec.

Attach table light blue with five chairs in white room

Dubbed “Attach,” the table uses basic principles of structural engineering to free up the legs.

Attach table view from side showing rail system with two backless chairs in white room

Rather than requiring a fixed fastener, the Attach table offers an extruded aluminum rail. The legs may be placed anywhere along the rail’s length, simply sliding into position.

Attach table high height with oak top and several stools

The slanted angle of the legs creates a closed and steady base of support, acting in concert with the table’s weight for stability and strength.

Attach thus offers a flexible approach to the demands of workplace seating/meetings: “Allowing for complete versatility, it can be freely adapted to any room or environment.”

Attach is available in 70 or 94 cm heights (approx. 29″ and 35″). It may be specified in a variety of colors, finishes, and tabletop dimensions. Find out more at Inspec.

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