C-BOX by ESS: a Museum-like Display for Bathroom Essentials

C-BOX by ESS: a Museum-like Display for Bathroom Essentials

What’s on the shelf in your shower?

C-BOX in shower 2 black units in recessed installation on white shower wall

Or, perhaps more importantly, what isn’t on the shelf?

C-BOX two recessed niches on white shower wall

In my household, we’ve just as many soaps, shampoos, and conditioners (in fact, more) littering the shower floor than those that actually fit on our small, slippery shelf.

C-BOX front view black finish on wall five units

C-BOX offers a solution that can exponentially expand your shower storage opportunities while looking none-too-shabby doing it!

C-BOX wide view from side with five black units installed on white shower wall in open shower with bathroom vanity and an opening to the outdoors with ocean view

The stainless steel boxes come in various shapes and sizes: square, horizontal rectangle, and vertical rectangle; 6″ to 24″ in length; and five fashionable finishes: stainless steel, white, crème, black, and anthracite.

C-BOX three black units on gray/white shower wall

They can be mounted in the shower or, “as an attractive alternative to traditional medicine cabinets,” on a proximal wall, with custom installations for a wall recess of up to 2″ And it should go without saying that they’re completely waterproof.

C-BOX 9 units on wooden wall with vanity and mirror in side foreground

Check out the ESS website for further information on C-BOX and the company’s entire line of innovative bathroom solutions.

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