Solna, from the Magnuson Group, is an “ancillary solution that makes a statement.”

Solna Sanitization Station gray two in open workspace

The solution is a sanitization station for for virus protection. The statement is a slick painted steel unit that fits right in at any workspace.

Solna Sanitization Station gray two outside elevator

Solna’s space-saving aesthetic enables easy integration throughout a space, making it intuitive and convenient to use.

Solna Sanitization Station in gray two

In tandem with a large waste receptacle/recycling bin, the stations house an assortment of PPE, including masks, gloves, tissues, wipes, and an optional sanitizer dispenser.

Solna Sanitization Station deluze model in gray near reception desk

Additionally, Solna’s shape and structure make it easy to clean—a requisite as we define the parameters of the new safer workplace.

Solna Sanitization Station two in gray semi-circle style

Solna comes in a variety of profiles and finishes: choose from rectangular or semi-circle with or without recycling and colors in Dark Anthracite, Anodized Silver, Lunar White, and Bronze Metallic.

Solna Sanitization Station two in bronze

Find out more at Magnuson Group.

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