At supersalone: SUN@home

At supersalone: SUN@home

At Fuorisalone’s Cortile d’Onore beginning September 4, Ledvance presents sun@home, a circadian rhythm-based LED concept that approximates full spectrum light.

SUN@Home recessed ceiling lights in kitchen

This matters because artificial lighting environments contain a preponderance of the single spectrum of blue light. Constant exposure to it can wreak havoc with our circadian rhythms and especially with melatonin production, thus damaging sleep.

SUN@Home recessed ceiling lights in bathroom

SUN@Home’s full-spectrum light mimics natural sunlight, waxing and waning with intensity and color spectrum throughout the day: cool in the morning, intense during mid-day, and warm in the evening.

SUN@Home strip lights in ceiling feature over bed

During days when we’re unable to spend time outdoors, SUN@Home is a decent substitute, helping to normalize melatonin and approximate a natural circadian rhythm.

SUN@Home wall lamp with crossed thin rectangular elements

Of course, success still depends on the user, as the crucial aspect of maintaining healthy sleep/wake cycles is ideally going dark after sundown, or at least eliminating all blue light.

SUN@Home Ledvance graphic showing natural sunlight rhythms

SUN@Home can help balance mood and energy levels throughout the day: enhancing clarity, maintaining focus, improving visual comfort, and maximizing quality of sleep.

SUN@Home table lamp at workstation with computer

SUN@Home is available in wall lamps, recessed downlights, table lamps, and strips. Go to Ledvance to see more. And don’t forget to find out how it feels to bask in SUN@Home’s warm glow at Fuorisalone.

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