Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence

What brands and products are being specified? Which segments are thriving? Which are suffering? How has COVID impacted product development and sales in architecture and interior design?

Product Intelligence LVT and modular carpet by Interface in open room with sofa and chair
Brushed Lines LVT and Tokyo Twist Modular Carpet by Interface

These are questions that everyone in the industry is invested in. Product Intelligence, from Design Analytics and Designer Pages Pro, has answers to these questions and more.

Product Intelligence OFS Modular lounge and Coact modular lounge in roomy office space
Coact Modular Lounge and Coact Lounge by OFS

Not only will you find specification reports for 2020 in 45 categories of furniture, flooring, architectural finishes, and textiles, but also extensive editorial focused on how A/D has been affected by and responded to the challenges of the pandemic:

  • Which product categories performed well in 2020 and which did not
  • How manufacturers reacted to the sudden demand for work-at-home furnishings
  • Whether soft or solid flooring is better suited for virus protection
  • Why mid-sized companies showed a trend toward rising specs
  • Why cable and data infrastructure is a fundamental component of safe return
  • The rise (and leveling of off) space dividers, desk screens, and mobile partitions
  • Interviews with industry insiders from 3form, KI Furniture, Humanscale, OFS, Armstrong Flooring, and Interface
  • Why in-person collaboration matters
  • A look at the first phase of return-to-work
Product Intelligence resilient vinyl flooring by Armstrong flooring wood grain floor with light gray lounge furniture and white marble reception desk
Rest and Refuge Resilient Vinyl by Armstrong Flooring

We wouldn’t necessarily call it our “COVID issue,” but the pandemic affected so many aspects of the industry that this focus was inevitable.

Product Intelligence Humanscale NeatHub data and power solution detail with phone and computer
NeatHub Power and Data Solution by Humanscale

Ultimately, we discern a lot of difficulties and a lot of hope. The challenges of the past year have created huge opportunities—this is a theme throughout the issue.

Product Intelligence Flek Partition by 3form gray, translucent speckled pattern with white desk and gray chair
Flek Partitions with Varia Resin by 3form

Download your copy at Product Intelligence. You may also email to request a print copy. For information on our analytics methodology or to find out how Design Analytics can help you to anticipate trends and maximize performance, contact or Mark Daniel, VP of Analytics, at 254-488-2350.

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