Get Outside the Box (and house) with the Walrus Sofa

Get Outside the Box (and house) with the Walrus Sofa

This excellent outdoor sofa system from Extremis will have you slapping your head and exclaiming, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Extremis Walrus Sofa with divan and orange cushion

It may also set you to wondering, “who is the Walrus?” In this case, it’s outdoor seating that solves the dilemma of the soaking-wet pillow or the cushions that have been stored in the shed. As designer Dirk Wynants says, “The eternal struggle with ugly protective covers and easy-to-lose pillows is finally a thing of the past.”

Extremis Walrus Sofa near pool gray cushions

The Walrus Sofa is an ingenious solution to the problem of outdoor seating in wet climates, wherein the cushions or pillows always seem to be sopping wet or stowed away safely (often meaning misplaced or lost) for the season.

Extremis Walrus Sofa on deck with two women

Walrus shakes off the wet by “making the sofa its own cover.” The material is impervious to wind and snow and rain, while the comfy cushion and plush pillows are easily stowed away in the back: “Ready in seconds, the low-maintenance Walrus gives you or your guests instant enjoyment of the sun, as soon as it breaks through.”

Extremis Walrus Sofa dark gray showing storage in back

Walrus is modular, with multiple sizes and configurations including arms, corners, and compatible side tables.

Extremis Walrus Sofa modular with corner and tables

Find out more at Extremis. And go to Designer Pages Media for additional outdoor seating solutions.

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