Bookmatched Beauty by Artistic Tile

Bookmatched Beauty by Artistic Tile

Twin, Mirror image, Doppelgänger—all describe the phenomena of uncanny resemblance without complete duplication. Just so in these amazing bookmatched installations by Artistic Tile.

Bookmatched slabs on bathroom wall whites and dark grays

The term refers to facing pages of a book, which may look exactly alike on a brief glance, but upon more detailed investigation reveal subtle differences. Artistic Tile uses carefully chosen slabs of marble, onyx, quartzite, and granite “for a fascinating, at times breathtaking, symmetry.”

Bookmatched slab in living room violets, purples, and white

The effect is mesmerizing, as in this bookmatched living room wall with Fantastico Viola (above), and this Breccia Capraia backsplash (below)—reminding me of an infinitely expansive Rorschach image, suggesting eagles wings and frothy ocean spume.

Bookmatched backsplash in kitchen white, purple, grey

Exemplifying a subtle use of Galaxy Grey, this outdoor shower creates a ghostly pattern that’s placid and calming.

Bookmatched slab on outdoor shower cream

And this bathroom bedecked in Calacatta gold achieves an hypnotic duplication from wall to wall and corner to corner. How fitting that none other than Leonardo himself worked with this material—the form at the center of it all is like a silhouette of Vitruvian Man.

Bookmatched slabs in Calacatta Gold in bathroom

Artistic Tile’s bookmatched installations require careful analysis of materials and artful assembly. But it’s well worth it, as the effect often takes your breath away. Find out more at Artistic Tile.  

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