Tour the Tropics with York Wallcoverings

Tour the Tropics with York Wallcoverings

York Wallcoverings invites you to visit paradise with their latest: the Tropical Prints and Patterns collection.

York Tropical Collection Banana Leaf pattern in bedroom

This is the terrain of rattan chairs and beachside cabanas, fanning palm fronds and hammocks bridging banyan trees.

York Tropical Collection Tropical Toss in living room

It’s an expansive collection. The Look Book is some 57 pages long, in fact. Therein you’ll find everything from the insistent squawk of Bird of Paradise to the intricate exactitude of Leopard King.

York Tropical Collection Leopard King in blue

There’s also Sawgrass trellis and Rainforest Canopy—designs that evoke the lush tropical flora and fauna, susurrating in the wind or blowing gales of warm rain.

York Tropical Collection Rainforest Canopy in bath

The prints are designed to evoke a resort feel: “Whether you’re looking for something bold and show-stopping or neutral and sophisticated, these patterns embody resort living.”

York Tropical Collection Sawgrass Trellis above table

As with all York Wallcoverings product, the Tropical Prints and Patterns collection is handcrafted, with close attention to detail and quality.

York Tropical Collection Tropical Paradise in blue

See York Wallcoverings to find out more.

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