Inspec Flite Seating Performs in Public

Inspec Flite Seating Performs in Public

Inspec Flite seating is a mainstay at airports, train stations, schools, colleges, and government buildings.

Inspec Flite Seating airport

In fact, this durable and streamlined ganged seating boasts host to roughly two million collective posteriors throughout the world each day.

Inspec Flite Seating in airport

It’s a tried-and-true formula: a heavy-duty extruded aluminum base supporting tough molded polyurethane chairs with an extremely compact footprint and a smart look.

Inspec Flite seating airport brown

These days, many facilities are taking advantage of Flite’s optional table spacers—intuitively creating the social distance that has become the new normal. But once that protocol has faded into the past, Flite will be ready and waiting with comfy shoulder-to-shoulder seating.

Inspec Flite Seating airport brown

Additional options for Flite include seats in coach hide leather or soft upholstery. Armrests and spacer tables can be added to meet custom needs. Find out more at Inspec.

Posted January 27, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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