The Offecct Solitaire Chair is a Good Choice for 2020

The Offecct Solitaire Chair is a Good Choice for 2020

Alfredo Häberli’s Offecct Solitaire Chair is described as a “low chair with table” and an “upholstered monomaterial piece.”

Offecct Solitaire orange

Neither of those descriptions quite do justice to the forward-thinking furnishing, which turned 20 this year and is perhaps more relevant now than ever before.

Offecct Solitaire Red

The idea of fusing the table and chair into one presaged the age of the chair/tablet-table combo. And though Solitaire’s large silhouette contrasts with today’s slimmer iterations, it also affords the natural boundary now known—in the mundane parlance of 2020—as “social distance.”

Offecct Solitaire teal

Offecct’s jubilee celebration of Solitaire thus takes on new relevance. Here’s a compelling piece of design with a techy aesthetic belying its age while affording “a possible answer to our way of having meetings today.”

Offecct Solitaire brown fabric with pad for tablet

Upholstery options for Solitaire include fabric or leather. The base is chrome with felt glides.

Offecct Solitaire purple chairs in lounge

Read more at Offecct and Alfredo Häberli.

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