Poltrona Frau’s Innovative Graphene Leather

Poltrona Frau’s Innovative Graphene Leather

Tech company Directa Plus and leading leather supplier Poltrona Frau invite the world to discover Graphene Leather, an innovative material with great potential to improve the function of fabric.

Graphene Leather swatches detail

In layman’s terms, Graphene is an ultra-thin (the thickness of a single atom, in fact) matrix of carbon atoms. It not only boasts an incredible weight to strength ratio but also offers innate antiviral protection and excellent temperature control.

Graphene Leather process making a red leather sheet

These qualities explain why it’s the ideal material for Poltrona Frau’s latest collection of Pelle Frau Leathers: “maintaining all of the natural characteristics of the Pelle Frau line… soft to the touch and timeless in style, while benefiting from the extraordinary properties of Graphene.”

Graphene Leather in classic drawing room

In sum, the new collection stays cool in summer and warm in winter while offering excellent resistance to degradation via abrasion and ultraviolet light. Graphene leather also offers supreme light absorption, meaning colors look exceptionally vivid.

Graphene Leather details of pillows

Poltrona Frau’s ColorSphere line of Graphene Leather comes in a multitude of rich hues. To find out more, see Poltrona Frau.

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