MESH by Parasoleil: a New Age in Aluminum Panels

MESH by Parasoleil: a New Age in Aluminum Panels

MESH by Parasoleil is an acronym for Modular Engineered Shadowgraphing Patterns, which in layman’s terms might be described as innovative aluminum panels with impressive artistic versatility.

Mesh by Parasoleil four sample designs

The 20 new designs are intricate and artful in themselves, but the real achievement here is the degree of customization, as these can be tooled to incorporate original art or targeted branding while maintaining precisely engineered standards—“for a structurally secure field pattern at an appropriate scale that allows for overlaying custom art, brands, logos, and words.”

Mesh by Parasoleil custom panel for apartment building

The technology enables a cool continuity of aesthetic across a vast surface—spanning multiple panels if needed while also achieving the desired level of opacity.

Mesh by Parasoleil brise soleil with tree design

MESH works great for cladding, brise soleil, exterior space division, feature walls, and public art.

Mesh by Parasoleil artistic panels with swordfish motif

The panels are finished with an artisan patina powder coat. They are both durable and long-lasting.

Mesh by Parasoleil custom cladding on building

For additional information, see Parasoleil. And go to Designer Pages Media for more innovative metal panels. 

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