Stora Enso CLT Heralds a new age of Sustainable Construction

Stora Enso CLT Heralds a new age of Sustainable Construction

Stora Enso, a sustainable materials company in Helsinki, Finland, believes that the future is in wood—a material that naturally offsets the energy used in its processing via carbon sequestering.

Stora Enso CLT house with wood siding

The company’s flagship Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) was just approved for use in the U.S.

Stora Enso CLT construction scene

It’s about time. CLT is a sustainable and energy efficient wood product made of layers of lumber that are adhered lengthwise (via pressure and environmentally friendly adhesive) into large sheets, which are then sandwiched together.

Stora Enso CLT overhead wood ceiling

The result is an exceedingly strong, stiff, and stable product that can handle load transfer on all sides.

Stora Enso CLT construction large vertical panels

CLT offers enormous potential and opportunity. It can be made into load bearing posts and beams that can span vast distances; panels for walls, floors, and ceilings; innovative stair systems; and decorative architectural features.

Stora Enso CLT decorative curvy wood feature

It also offers improved thermal performance compared to conventional materials, natural sound insulation, and all the aesthetic advantages of real wood.

Stora Enso CLT building exterior with wood siding

All of Stora Enso’s CLT is produced from spruce wood grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. It can be prefabricated for enhanced worksite safety and efficiency. It’s also relatively lightweight compared to concrete or steel.

Stora Enso CLT construction scene on roof

See Stora Enso for additional information.

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