Go Turbo with KwikBoost EdgePower Cordless Charging

Go Turbo with KwikBoost EdgePower Cordless Charging

Especially during this work-at-home age, who out there among us cannot relate to the frustrations of unwieldy cordage? Speaking from the perspective of one whose phone charging cables are perpetually blocking access to the microwave, I certainly can.

KwikBoost EdgePower side view

Luxor’s KwikBoost EdgePower Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit offers a solution to such frustrations with convenient, cordless, on-demand charging of laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

KwikBoost EdgePower top view

Simply clamp KwikBoost onto the edge of any desk, table, or other surface up to 1.5” thick and Voila!, you’ll have completely wireless charging via a standard AC outlet, USB-A charging port, and USB-C PD charging port.

KwikBoost EdgePower rear view

The device offers enough charging power to revive a laptop up to two times, a standard Chromebook or tablet up to four times, and an average smartphone up to 14 times.

KwikBoost EdgePower rear view

KwikBoost also accommodates a laptop and two mobile devices simultaneously. A backlit On/Off switch senses when AC units have been fully charged and deactivates in order to conserve batteries.

KwikBoost EdgePower on desk

To find out more, see Luxor.

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