Let Me Be Brief

Let Me Be Brief

Gunlocke’s Briefing Collection gets down to business with a collection of adaptable tables that facilitate a wide range of working styles.

Gunlocke Briefing Collaboration Table

The aesthetic is thin and streamlined, with an array of finish options—upwards of 80 in fact, with wood veneers, laminate, solid surface, glass, and metal.

Gunlocke Briefing Collection Large collaboration table

There’s an equally encompassing array of shapes and styles. The Briefing Collection lets users choose from conference, learning, collaboration, and café tables.

Gunlocke Briefing Collection folding tables dark laminate

Linked surfaces allow for customized applications for diverse groups of workers, and low tables create more intimate spaces.

Gunlocke Briefing Collection collaboration table white laminate horseshoe shape
Gunlocke Briefing Collection laptop table walnut laminate close up

To find out more, see Gunlocke.

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