Pinta Acoustic: Stunning Solutions for Ambient Noise

Pinta Acoustic: Stunning Solutions for Ambient Noise

Pinta Acoustic is dialed in on the synthesis between aesthetics and performance. A great example of the company’s marriage of acoustical control and great design is proudly on display at the Minneapolis showroom of Atmosphere Commercial Interiors. The custom HPC-coated SONEX Linear Baffles offer a stunning aesthetic complement to the deep blue runner below, while also enhancing the overall look and feel.

Pinta Acoustic Atmosphere Interiors installation

There’s also the Brasserie Bernard, an upscale restaurant in Montreal with a beautifully faceted ceiling design that houses Pinta Acoustic’s WILLTEC direct-apply panels to “harmonize with the multidimensional painted ceiling and walls.”

Pinta Acoustic Brasserie Bernard Installation

Pinta Acoustic has also recently tackled the acoustical nightmare of an indoor swimming pool. The vast and impressive Splash! sculpture at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreation Center Aquatic Facility is a whimsical and wonderful work of art that also makes it possible to process the din of joyful children.

Pinta Acoustic Splash! installation

Pinta Acoustic offers a variety of dimensional ceiling and wall products, including suspended systems, glued systems, lay-in systems, and custom designs. To find out more, see Pinta Acoustic. And go to Designer Pages Media for more acoustical solutions.

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